It's fairly common to be asked the question 'Would you describe yourself as goal-driven? Employers want to evaluate the way you prioritize tasks and how independently you can accomplish them.

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There might be affiliate links on this , which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase. In the most simplistic way, being goal-oriented is a great characteristic for an employee because these are the people who get things done. Some careers value this characteristic in people more than others.

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Identify the right personalities for the job.


These plans are best for long-term goals that require multiple tasks spread over a of days. You can use a calendar, to-do list and digital reminders to keep track of your progress along the way. DMP vs. Divide every task into smaller, manageable portions that you can complete in a shorter amount of time.

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A goal driven person will work much harder whenever there are deadlines to be met. Intrinsic motivation is when you perform a task because it is personally satisfying. Your goal-oriented employees genuinely want to know how their performance stacks up.

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Check in with your ability partner every day to share updates on your progress and keep your motivation high while working toward your goals. You can organize by the due date, length of completion time, level of difficulty or any other way that can help you stay motivated and keep working on your goals. If you can tailor your answer to the job you'll be speaking the same language as your interviewer- helping to bridge the gap between all the things they don't know about you and the things they want to know.

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It is this self-discipline, which is essential in attaining your goals, and ultimately making you a successful person. Company reviews. Some extrinsic rewards might include:. Self-awareness: Some goal-setting strategies require you to understand your strengths and identify areas of improvement.

What is the “lives for today” personality trait?

A lot of people do not get the that they want because they forget their goals even existed as different things come up in life. Follow the tips laid out in this article to help get you started, and before you know it, your routine will be completely goal-oriented—and people will take notice.

This schedule can help you manage your daily to-do list and keep you working toward the goal. Try It Free Request a Demo. Check in on their progress towards team and professional goals. The important thing is to know which objectives should take priority toward meeting your goal.

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A few s that someone has carefree personality traits: They can focus on the work at hand today without being stressed about everything that needs to get done this week. Learn more. This means that people who are successful start with a vision in their mind of what they want to accomplish, and keep that vision in their head while doing the work to get there.

Extrinsic motivation occurs when you complete a task because you want to earn a reward.

Before you leave work, try to make a list of five tasks you aim to complete the next day. Even putting small tasks on your list will help show you your progress and allow you to feel the satisfaction of completing something on your agenda. However, all jobs have places for employees to set goals and work toward meeting them each day.

For more context, check out all of our personality trait descriptionsas well as our guide to overall personality type. Effectively managing your time by planning out your day can create a cycle that will improve all aspects of reaching your goals.

Tips for being goal-oriented in the workplace

Tips for being goal-oriented in the workplace. People in your workplace will gravitate towards one of two tendencies: focusing on the present or striving towards the future. Domain vs.

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Another way to stay focused on your tasks is to get an ability partner to help you. Regularly track your progress. One of the good habits that one can form is to be a goal driven person.

What does being goal-oriented mean?

In some roles, you may find that people who live for today tend to thrive, while other jobs seem to demand more goal-oriented personalities. For example, instead of having the goal of turning in a report at the end of the week, you could divide it into ing your teammates on Monday, collecting data on Tuesday, organizing the materials into sections on Wednesday and so on.

During the first quarter of my first fiscal year with the company- I struggled to meet that goal. What Is Hire Success? Career Development. In the most simplistic way, being goal-oriented is a great characteristic for an employee because these are the people who get things done.

Tough interview question - are you a goal-oriented person?

Your ability partner will be able to give you constructive feedback to help you improve your goal-oriented processes and methods of completing your tasks. Employers want to evaluate the way you prioritize tasks and how independently you can accomplish them. Examples should highlight times you exceeded the goal as well as the steps you took from setting to achieving the goal. Tough Interview Question - Are you a goal-oriented person? So how do these traits play out? There might be affiliate links on thiswhich means we get a small commission of anything you buy. Make the most of your time by completing small under 2 minute tasks while you have little breaks in the day.

I find that setting clear short- and long-term goals help me to keep focused while completing daily tasks.

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If you can prioritize your tasks, you will be able to clearly see what needs to get done today, and what can wait until tomorrow. What are you trying to improve at person and what will it take to do that? You can use your professional network to improve your goal-oriented approach by discussing task-completion processes and time-management methods with colleagues. Develop a method for doing this such as using your to-do list to hold yourself able or timing yourself on how long you spend on each task while noting anything that distracted you from making progress.

To be goal driven and become successful requires at least two components namely preparation and motivation. Integrity Test Hire the most trustworthy and honest applicants. That way, you can frame your feedback around those goals. Of course you will probably orient help from other people along the way depending on your goalbut this sense of self-awareness can help you get that will move you closer to reaching your goals.

11 ways to be a goal-oriented person at work

This type of motivation works best when you plan to give yourself small rewards throughout the day. Put these tools and your to-do lists or reminder apps in places where you will see them a lot during the day to keep yourself thinking about what your goals are.

An example of achieving one of my recent goals was securing an internship this past summer…" An example of how you should not answer this question: "I guess so. Goal setting is a continuous process where you need to review your progress.

I have quite a few goals that I have set for myself in my education and career preparation. When you make a daily, weekly or monthly plan, try also noting which tasks you should complete first.

How to work with a person who is carefree

Plan your time. Having a certain of things to focus on each day can make your tasks more manageable.

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Search for jobs:. Write everything down. Custom Test Builder De your own custom aptitude and skills tests. De your own custom aptitude and skills tests. Then, you can put them in an orient that makes logical sense and plan out your attack to get the tasks completed. In preparation you should be aware of the tasks ahead to be undertaken, and establish time saving mechanisms to efficiently utilise your time.

Let me tell you about one that I recently accomplished ahead of schedule…". Instead, create your persons around your strengths so you start strong and have the momentum to persevere to the end. Connie Stemmle is a professional editor, freelance writer and ghostwriter. Some skills and qualities that help goal-oriented individuals succeed include:. A few ways to tell that a person has a goal-oriented personality: They are purposeful and intentional. Explain How You Apply This Focus: It's not enough just to be goal oriented; you need to see success as a direct result of focusing on your goals.

By sharing ways that goals help drive team behavior- you're demonstrating an goal level of understanding about team dynamics. The hardest part of answering interview questions like these will be finding examples to share. If possible- share times that you flourished because a goal was met or as a result of the steps to reach a goal.

You can improve your skills in setting and achieving goals by trying some new methods for organization, motivation and time management. Whenever possible I use the data as indicators for future planning. Have a goal that reminds you of what to person on in what order. For example, if you find that orienting small tasks makes you feel accomplished and excited, set aside time each morning to do a short workout, read an interesting article or complete a small, light-lift task related to your job.

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